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Maison Fayard 

Maison Fayard products are the culmination of centuries of savoir-faire, passion for good taste and love for the French terroir. All made in France, they are the result of a long process of reflection, selection of the best raw materials, numerous tests of the dosage of ingredients and adjustment of recipes.

We are looking for the perfect taste harmony, one that awakens the taste buds, provokes surprise, provides maximum pleasure. This quest for the exception allows us to offer butchery, charcuterie and deli products recognized for their superior quality throughout Canada. We are currently the number one French foie gras brand in Canada.

Commitments and values




THE TASTE OF  happiness


We take the greatest care in choosing our partners and suppliers and ensure that they are in line with our commitments and values.


The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. We are committed to offering quality products that meet their expectations. We control each step: the choice of raw materials, the conditions for breeding and slaughtering animals, the products processing and manufacturing, their import and distribution. Our goal: to guarantee a high level of product quality at all times, that they develop and preserve all their aromas, right down to our customers' plates.


Passionate about the expanse of France's terroir and the wealth of French gastronomy, we are committed to offering the best every day. We are proud to participate in perpetuating centuries of gourmet traditions, transmission and savoir-faire. Contributing at our level to the global influence of regional specialties is our daily driving force.


When we like good products, we know the importance of the origin of the raw materials and the environment in which they are raised or cultivated. When we are attached to a terroir, we strive to behave responsibly towards those who are its essence and make its strength. We therefore make it a point of honor to surround ourselves with suppliers adopting benevolent and virtuous practices and are particularly vigilant regarding the environment in the broad sense: respect for people, nature and animal welfare.


Much more than a daily vital need, for French people, eating is sacred. Pleasure, greed and conviviality are values that we share and that we strive to transmit through our products. We advocate pleasure consumption based on taste and communion, on the happiness provided by good times shared around a table with family or friends.

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